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360° journey inside Milan Duomo

Explore the Historical Complex through virtual reality

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8 September Sep 2020 1800 08 September 2020

Following the reopening of Milan Duomo to tourists, an atmosphere of trust and rebirth breathes within the ancient walls of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo.

The desire of many Italian and international visitors is to return to travel as soon as possible, to enjoy once again the wonderful artistic and natural national heritage, and so we have decided to share the eternal fascination of the Cathedral, revealing its history and secrets, causing you to lose yourself amongst its imposing columns, flying buttresses and iconic spires, and leave feeling fascinated by the thousand colours of the stained-glass windows and the splendour of the Madonnina, who watches over and protects the city from above.

While we are waiting to see you soon on one of our many guided tours, such as the Duomo Tour, in the meantime we invite you to enter the Cathedral with us, to sweep through the long naves to the High Altar, before going down to the Archaeological Area and then up to the Rooftops, 70 metres from the ground, before finally going into the rooms of the Museum and Archive where you can discover the immense artistic, historical, and documentary heritage of Milan Duomo thanks to the extraordinary 360° virtual reality images created by Pietro Madaschi.

Join us on this engaging tour to continue experiencing all the excitement of the Gothic Cathedral, international symbol of Milan, even during these #apartbuttogether times.

Discover the Duomo in 360°

With thanks to www.360visio.com by © Pietro Madaschi