Duomo's Construction Site : Where the scaffoldings reach the sky

Duomo’s Construction Site : Where the scaffoldings reach the sky

The cathedral’s construction site is located at the cathedral itself to allow workers to work on the monument. Starting from the “cesata” located on the south side of the cathedral, they go up to a maximum height of 108.5 metres


Till today,it is the centre of important activities: restoration and conservation of stone structures, installation and update of technological systems, laying of ornaments and structures from the Marble Yard, installation of stained glass, paintings, wooden and metal artefacts ensuring the efficiency of the grand original complex, arranging liturgical vestments and furnishings and contributing to ensuring the dignity of religious services and of the entire cathedral.

It is on this large, complex and evocative site that the qualified workers of the Fabbrica work, often on very high scaffolding, sometimes supported by external professionals.


On this extraordinary construction site bricklayers and marble workers, carpenters and blacksmiths, electricians and carpenters, restorers and operators, all led by the technicians in charge, commit their skills and experience handed down and accumulated from generation to generation.

These ancient “trades” are always evolving, thanks to the contribution of new technologies, the result of continuous scientific research, of which the Veneranda Fabbrica has availed itself.