15800 notes for the Duomo

15800 notes for the Duomo

Support Milan Duomo’s Great Organ

The Duomo’s Organ is still to this today one of the most challenging worksites in progress and it is part of the large mosaic of restoration on this artistic, architectural and cultural apparatus of the Cathedral. The Duomo’s organ represents a true patrimony of art and mechanics, and is the symbol of the Cathedral’s centuries-long musical tradition. By supporting its restoration, you will have the opportunity to receive invitations to concerts and events.

The bond between the Duomo and music is an enduring one that the Milanese, music lovers, and the many tourists visiting the Monumental Complex can support in a concrete way.

Milan Duomo’s organ, whose story began long ago in 1394, is still today the largest modern organ existing in Italy and firmly holds second place at the European level as regards the number of pipes and stops, resulting in it also being included in the hall of fame of the world’s fifteen largest organs. 15,800 pipes, 5 organ cases, 5 consoles: if the numerical data in itself is impressive, even more so are the artistic aspects. The panels on each side of the two monumental organ cases consist of sixteen large canvases depicting episodes from the Old and New Testament created between the 16th and 17th century by well-known artists of the time such as—amongst others—Giuseppe Meda and Camillo Procaccini.

The efficiency of Milan Duomo’s monumental organ and the integrity of its decorative parts are currently seriously compromised. The functioning of this extraordinary instrument is threatened by various factors of degradation, such as the natural deterioration of  the living materials from which it is made—wood and leather—and deposits of atmospheric particulates on the phonic material, the pipes, to which is added the phenomena of natural wear and tear and oxidation of the electromechanical components.

Give Italy’s biggest organ its voice back

The Veneranda Fabbrica finds itself in need of providing extraordinary maintenance to this historical and artistic heritage, not only to recover its antique splendour, but also to give the public the opportunity to hear its melody echoing in the Duomo once again.

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