Culture & Art

Culture and Art

Ritratto Duomo

Precious and unpublished testimonies from the past, combined with contemporary pictures that tell about the evolution of photography by the Veneranda Fabbrica, from the origins of the photographic technique to the present day.

The Duomo Museum, Archive and Library

Historical Complex

Discover the history, the details and the curiosities of the Historical Complex of the Duomo of Milan.


The Education Department of Milan Duomo is committed to the dissemination and enhancement of the Monumental Complex’s great historical, artistic, and cultural heritage. It develops educational projects for schools and universities, families, teachers, religious groups, and people with special needs, with the aim of promoting permanent and recurrent education, social integration, dialogue with other cultures, and accessibility, with a view to Design For All.

Scuola della Cattedrale

(Available in Italian) Scuola della Cattedrale makes available for those who were unable to attend the organized cultural events, or for those who want to review and to listen to them again, the gallery with audio-video recordings of all the editions held.