Will Bequests

Will Bequests

Will Bequests

It is possible to contribute to the restoration of the Duomo di Milano through your will. A testamentary legacy is not only a choice that honours the person who writes it (the testator), but also helps to keep intact over time a centuries-old history that has always characterised this great artistic and architectural masterpiece, which has become the symbol of Milan in the world.

Donating one’s patrimony to the Veneranda Fabbrica’s fundraising projects is an act of awareness and generosity as, in this way, you will be supporting the centuries-old institution which, through its operations and work, reflects that sense of solidarity and life values in which donors have always believed, such as the solidarity and commitment shown towards the enhancement of Milan and Italy’s cultural heritage.

The Veneranda Fabbrica will ensure that the will of the testator is respected so that the inheritance left will be of help according to the person’s personal instructions.


Information for the testator:

Making a will does not necessarily mean donating one’s whole estate. In fact, those who intend to donate in this way can freely decide to leave even a part of their assets which may be as listed below:

  • Sums of money;

  • Investment stocks and bonds;

  • Personal property (works of art, jewellery, furniture);

  • Real estate;

  • Life insurance policies.

Furthermore, testators can decide to make a will at any time by choosing to write it in the way most congenial for them: Holographic or Handwritten Will – written in their own hand; Self-Proving Will – to be drafted by a notary in the presence of two witnesses; Secret Will – sent to the notary in a sealed envelope.

It is important to know that each of these wills is effective only at the time of opening and that they can be modified, annulled or substituted at any time. However, it is fundamental that for the will to be valid, the institutional body to which the bequest is intended is clearly indicated.*

*In the case of Holographic or Handwritten Wills, these are only valid if written by hand and bear the date and signature of the testator.


By making a will out to the Veneranda Fabbrica, you will make tangible your help towards the protection and safeguarding of the Duomo di Milano and contribute to the passing on of the beauty and importance of its history for generations to come.