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Celebration of the «Redditio Symboli»

The Duomo will open at 7:45 pm

Sat, 5 October Oct 2019 2045

8.45 pm Celebration of the Redditio Symboli with the diocesan youth celebrated by His Excellency Monsignor the Archbishop

«The Rule of Life of the Christian is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, who lived in the grace of the Holy Spirit who was effused into our hearts, to the glory of God the Father […]. Since it is the Spirit that makes the Lord Jesus be present in us, it is also the Spirit – inner Teacher – who teaches the rule of the daily path to whoever listens to him» (Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini).

During this celebration, the Nineteen-Year-Olds hand their Rule of Life to the Archbishop and together with all the other youth of the Diocese start the path of the new Pastoral Year.

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