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Concert for Europe

Relive the 6 most beautiful concerts in Duomo and donate to the restoration projects

DDP 1989
Sat, 23 May May 2020 1700

Listen again to the Concert for Europe and donate to the restoration projects

After the worldwide success of Andrea Bocelli's "Music for Hope", the Veneranda Fabbrica is inviting you to listen again to the most important musical moments in its recent history with the possibility of donating or of giving a donation as a gift for "15,800 Notes for the Duomo", the fundraising campaign that supports the Organ's restoration.

Concert for Europe

Concert for Europe
Symphony N. 9 in D minor Op. 125 for soloists, choir and orchestra
by Ludwig van Beethoven
Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro di San Carlo
Conductor Zubin Mehta
Duomo di Milano, 2017



SATURDAY 30 MAY 2020 at 5pm (CET)
Stone and Prayer
Music from the works of Giuseppe Verdi
Projection mapping of Milan Duomo's façade
Piazza del Duomo, 2015

SATURDAY 6 JUNE 2020 at 5pm (CET)
Christmas Oratorio
BWV 248 (Cantatas n. 1 and 6) for soloists, choir and orchestra by Johann Sebastian Bach
Vocal and musical ensemble La Barocca, laVerdi
Choral Conductor Jacopo Facchini
Conductor Ruben Jais
Duomo di Milano, 2019

SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2020 at 5pm (CET)
A Cathedral of Notes: Uto Ughi in Duomo
Uto Ughi, violin
I Filarmonici di Roma Orchestra
Duomo di Milano, 2018

SATURDAY 20 JUNE 2020 at 5pm (CET)
Murder in the Cathedral
Music by Ildebrando Pizzetti, from the Italian version of Alberto Castelli's play of T. S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral"
Orchestra and Choir of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo
Verdi Chorale Children’s Choir of Parma
Conductor Claudio Scimone
Directed by Cecilia Ligorio
Duomo di Milano, 2012

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