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Diocesan Missionary Vigil

Mass of the “Missionary Mandate” presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Archbishop

Sat, 24 October Oct 2020 2030

The Ambrosian Church is called the Church of the People, “A church that recognises the richness of the divine grace that inhabits it […] and knows how to put it in movement, because it is the Spirit that gathers us together and not just links of blood and territory.
The perspective of the Church of the People colours and amplifies the importance of the month of October, traditionally spent as the Missionary Month.
Living as a missionary is, above all, a practical and concrete question: it asks one to favour meetings and exchanges, moments in which to listen, and the opening of hearts and minds. In a period in which the pandemic has closed us inside our own problems, the mission stimulates us by asking us what and which are the “epidemics” that afflict many places in the world right now” (monsignor Mario Delpini).

On the eve of the diocesan celebration of World Mission Day (Sunday, 25 October), the Archbishop will deliver the Missionary Mandate to priests, worshippers and lay people in Duomo, who will make themselves available for the proclamation of the Gospel in sister Churches around the world.

It is possible to follow the service live on television on the digital terrestrial channel 195 and in streaming on the Diocese of Milan website (www.chiesadimilano.it).

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