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Palm Sunday

Eucharistic mass at 7am – 8am - 9.30am - 10.45am - 12.30pm - 5.30pm

Sun, 10 April Apr 2022 1045 - 1830

- 10.45am Blessing of olive tree branches and Pontifical mass presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Archbishop

- 4pm Vespers and Eucharist Blessing presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Archbishop

Palm Sunday, with the double remembrance of Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mass combined with the Procession) and the Anointing of Bethany (Mass during the day), introduces us to Holy Week, called – since the most ancient documents of the Ambrosian liturgy – Hebdomada authentica (Authentic Week), which is the “eminent” week between all the weeks in the liturgical year and therefore a typical and normative week.

The Lord Jesus completes his Easter, his definitive passage from this world to the Father. «The Cross has two inseparable aspects: it is, at the same time, painful and glorious. The suffering and humiliation of Jesus' death are intimately linked to the exaltation and glory of his resurrection». In the intention of the liturgy, we are invited to accompany the Lord, to recognize him as our Savior. «Faith in Jesus is never taken for granted. The Paschal Mystery, which we will relive in these days, is always current. Today we are the contemporaries of the Lord and, like the people of Jerusalem, like the disciples and the women, we are called to decide whether to stay with him or flee or remain mere spectators of his death» (St. John Paul II).

It is possible to follow the Eucharistic celebration at 9.30, the Pontifical at 10.45am and Vespers at 4pm in streaming on this site (www.duomomilano.it) from the YouTube channel Duomo Milano Tv.

The Pontifical presided over by the Archbishop is also broadcast live on Telenova (digital terrestrial channel 18) and streaming on the website of the Diocese of Milan (www.chiesadimilano.it).

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