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The Navity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Eucharistic celebrations 7am - 9.30am - 5.30pm

Impresa Tecnoeditoriale Lombarda S
Fri, 8 September Sep 2023 0700 - 1830

Eucharistic celebrations 7am - 9.30am - 5.30pm
The 8am, 8.30am and 11am celebrations are suspended

- 9.30am Pontifical presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Archbishop
Opening of the new Pastoral Year and Rite of Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders

- 5pm Vespers

The solemnity of the Nativity of Mary (8 September), the “patronal feast” of the Duomo, traditionally marks the resumption of all activities in the Diocese of Milan. The Ambrosian Church looks to the Virgin Mary as "the hope and dawn of salvation for the whole world" (prayer after communion). The birth of a person is always a promising event; it was especially so for Mary, the Mother of the Lord: her birth marked the dawn of the fullness of the history of salvation.

Veneranda Fabbrica itself, from the beginning of the construction of the Duomo, has entrusted itself to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary who, since 1387, has protected the work.

It is possible to follow the Pontifical at 9.30am, presided over by Archbishop Mario Delpini, in streaming on this site (www.duomomilano.it) from the YouTube channel Duomo Milano Tv.

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8 Settembre 2023 - Solennità della Natività della Beata Vergine Maria Open