Eucharist for the worshippers of Recco

Eucharist for the worshippers of Recco

Eucharistic celebration at the altar of St. John the Good

The most evocative and popular rite of Palm Sunday (this year 24 March) is undoubtedly the Blessing and Procession of Olives and Palms, presided over in the cathedral personally by the Archbishop.


Until a few years ago, the procession began at the side altar dedicated to St. John the Good, who was Bishop of Milan at a particularly difficult time in the history of the Milanese Church. In fact, when in 569, with the invasion of the Lombards, the Bishops of Milan went into voluntary exile in Genoa, it was precisely St John Bono – according to tradition a native of Recco, in the province of Genoa – who, in the mid-7th century, brought the bishopric back to Milan.


Because of these historical ties, on the Thursday before Palm Sunday, a delegation from the Parish and Municipality of Recco goes to Milan to offer palm and olive branches, a festive sign of Easter peace.


The celebration presided over this year by the Archpriest of the Duomo Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo is scheduled for Thursday 21 March, at 9.30 a.m., at the altar of St. John the Good and is open to all the worshippers.