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The Altarpiece of the Assumption by Lucio Fontana exhibited at the Duomo

The bronze version of the work cast in 1972 by Veneranda Fabbrica can still be seen in the Cathedral for a few days

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5 February Feb 2019 1808 05 February 2019

Lucio Fontana has finally stepped into the Duomo.

Veneranda Fabbrica has paid homage to the great Italian-Argentinian artist for the 500th anniversary of his death with the exhibition “L’arte novissima. Lucio Fontana per il Duomo di Milano 1936-1956”, which closed on 27 January 2019. Held at Museo del Duomo, it won the extensive consensus of both the public and critics.

To enhance the solemn nature of the event, on 3 November 2018, at the end of the Pontifical High Mass held at the Duomo for the feast of St. Charles Borromeo, the final celebration of the Minor Synod “Church of the People”, the Archbishop of Milan, Mons. Mario Delpini, unveiled the Altarpiece of the Assunta (Assumption) by Fontana placed on the altar of St. Agatha for the entire duration of the exhibition.

The Assunta is the bronze version of an altarpiece forged by Veneranda Fabbrica in 1872 based on the chalk scale model created by the artist on request of the Institution in 1955. In fact, Fontana was supposed to transpose the Candoglia marble scale model but the project was not completed.

Exceptionally, the Assunta by Fontana may still be admired on the Altar of St. Agatha, in the lateral southern aisle, during the next few days, to inspire the gaze and reflections of all those who experience the Duomo as a place of prayer and art.

Federico Zuccari’s altarpiece San Pietro visita in carcere sant'Agata (St. Peter visits St. Agatha in prison) has been temporarily removed from this altar. It will be placed back in January after an important restoration process.

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