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Support the restoration of Milan Cathedral’s Organ

Take part in the “15,800 notes for the Duomo” fundraising campaign with a simple donation

Grande Organo
21 March Mar 2019 0000 21 March 2019

Donate now and support the restoration of the Duomo’s Organ

The future of an extraordinary artistic and mechanical masterpiece is at risk: that of the Grand Organ of the Duomo di Milano.

A technological giant of enormous complexity made up of 15,800 pipes (the longest being over nine metres and the shortest just a few centimetres) and 180 organ stops, the Milanese organ is the largest in Italy and among the top fifteen largest instruments in the world.

It is an authentic treasure trove of marvels and masterpieces such as the refined doors covering the pipes, adorned with large paintings depicting episodes taken from the Old and New Testament, created between the 16th and 17th centuries, by artists such as, among others, Giuseppe Meda and Camillo Procaccini.

Dust, oxidation and other factors causing decay are threatening the future of the instrument: the Organ of the Duomo di Milano needs delicate and urgent intervention today.

The total cost of the restoration is over one million euros. A commitment to be honoured for future generations.

To support this, “15,800 notes for the Duomo di Milano” came about. The Veneranda Fabbrica is launching its fundraising campaign to support the restoration of the Organ by appealing to those who want to continue writing the great melody of the Duomo and give the instrument its voice back.


By participating in the fundraising with a donation of €50 or more, you can become part of the Veneranda Fabbrica’s Donor Register, putting your face to the campaign on the official website of the Duomo di Milano (duomomilano.it), with the opportunity of receiving three invitations valid for two people to attend organ concerts in the Cathedral. A gesture of generosity that can also be a special gift for friends and acquaintances, to live and share with loved ones.

Taking part is extremely simple and the options are many: you can donate immediately by visiting the site duomomilano.it. For more information, you can also call the Freephone number 800.528.477 (Italy only).

The most urgent restoration, safeguarding at least the correct functioning of the electromechanical parts, will start in the second half of 2019 and will be entrusted to the Duomo Construction Department of the Veneranda Fabbrica. However, to save the decorative part, there will undoubtedly be the need for an extra push, involving the public in an exciting race against the passage of time.

Give the Duomo di Milano its voice back!

Find out how to sign up and pledge your support

Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano
Donations Office
Via C. M. Martini, 1 20122 Milano

Freephone: 800.528477