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Porta Minerbi of Milan Cathedral

A Holy Door with a long history

Porta Minerbi
10 April Apr 2019 1759 10 April 2019

An image of 1948, taken from the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano photographic library, shows us the proud satisfied expression of the workers gathered around the great bronze door designed by the sculptor Arrigo Minerbi, inside the workshop in which it was assembled.

The work conceived by the Ferrarese artist was produced in over ten years of intense work and dedicated to the events leading to the affirmation of Christianity over Paganism, in particular the Edict of Milan.

The project was assigned to the sculptor in the second half of the thirties, but the racial persecutions and outbreak of the war forced him to flee. Fortunately, however, the plaster models of the door were saved and kept safely in the vaults of the Duomo.

In 1945 he returned to Milan and was finally able to resume the work which, thanks also to the financial help of the Milanese, culminated in the great opening of 5 June 1948.

The door, designed as Minerbi himself said: “like a solemn chant which is a crescendo culminating in the Te Deum” has significantly been designated as the Holy Door of Milan Cathedral for the jubilee of 2016.