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Duomo Shop, the bookmark “Lastword® Memento” is now available in the new Special Edition for the Duomo

Discover the innovative customised bookmark for the Cathedral and support the renovation works

Lastword Memento Catalogo Dettaglio
10 January Jan 2020 1027 10 January 2020

Are you an avid reader? An interesting novelty awaits you at the Duomo Shop: “Lastword® Memento”, the innovative bookmark designed by Pq Design Studio, the team of Italian product designers and engineers. A revolutionary project conceived in partnership with Fusarte and awarded the International Design Award 2019.

“Lastword® Memento” is now available for you in the Exclusive Edition “Milano. Il Duomo”, dedicated to the symbol of our city, the heart of an original line designed for the most beautiful and world famous Italian monuments and works of art.

An original and versatile gadget using which you will never lose your place when reading.

With its convenient elastic fabric, available in four entertaining hues, you can use the bookmark “Lastword® Memento” with many different book formats and dimensions; the very particular, convenient and original metal cursor will take you back to the line and to the exact word where you stopped, whenever you wish.

The special customised packaging with the image of the Cathedral, the citation from Stendhal dedicated to the Duomo, and the faux leather label with the word “Milan” make every detail precious. “Lastword® Memento” is the perfect item to carry to school, to work, on a journey and anywhere in your leisure time!

Take a break and make yourself a coffee. Watch the video here:

The bookmark “Lastword® Memento” is part of the ‘Duomo Milano’ Collection. By purchasing products in this line, you will donate a gesture of love to the Cathedral! In fact, by making your purchases at the Duomo Shop you will have the opportunity to support the restoration of this extraordinary Monument, thus contributing to maintain its exceptional beauty.

Discover “Lastword® Memento” in the Exclusive Edition “Milano. Il Duomo”

With your purchases you contribute to the renovation works at Duomo di Milano

Bookmark “Lastword® Memento”
Special Edition “Milano. Il Duomo”
Elastic format with metal cursor and faux leather label
Colours: red, yellow, blue, green
Price: € 5.90

Available at:

Piazza Duomo 14/a, 20122 Milan
Open daily from 8.00 am through 6.30 pm