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24 January Jan 2020 0919 24 January 2020

For many years I walked by the Duomo to go to school: the cathedral saw me in all my facets, lived with me every pain and joy of my first 20 years. When I moved abroad, I discovered that on top of the tallest building in Milan, in order not to infringe an ancient decree, stands a reproduction of the Mother Mary, looking in the eyes her original twin. Because the “Madonnina” must protect and watch over the people of Milan. I told the story to my parents which gave me a small gift: a keyring representing the Virgin so that wherever life takes me I would have her protection. In these years it was them, the members of my family, who protected me but the Madonnina remains my pole star, the touch of home. With my donation I want to return a little of the protection I received: I dedicate this gesture to them, to my sister Margherita, to my mom Laura, to my dad Alfonso and to my aunt Paola.

Bianca C.

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