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An amazing Duomo!

Discover the attention to details in the ornamental sculpture of the Rooftops through the 360° photos

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7 April Apr 2020 1242 07 April 2020

Anybody who has stopped by to observe the Duomo will certainly have been impressed by the variety of its marble elements: statues in miscellaneous sizes, bas reliefs, ornaments known as ‘falconatura’, ornate elements, spires, pilaster strips… In fact, the Milanese Cathedral is an extremely rich and undoubtedly composite building. Each of its ornaments is the result of careful studies and keen attention to detail, which are evident during the project, implementation and construction phases.

We find evidence of this in the document we are presenting today, which is preserved at the Historical Archive of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo. This drawing by Architect Aggiunto Leopoldo Pollack dated 29 May 1839 depicts the various types of bows that were used to decorate the Cathedral in the 1800s. The most recurrent ornament among those observed at the Duomo is doubtless the falconatura with the bow as terminal element. This is the most elaborate bow found at the Duomo.

Despite their diversified features, some of the decorative elements are more or less recurrent during the various historical periods. The one drawn by Pollack in this document is a variety of five Gothic bows, and stands apart for the powerful reference to plant motifs.

Look closely at the Cathedral's bows and ornaments through the wonderful 360° photos by © Pietro Madaschi, available on the website