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My dream in a postcard


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28 July Jul 2020 1206 28 July 2020

My love for the Duomo started many years ago: I was living in Argentina with my mother, my sister, my grandmother and my father. He worked a lot, always travelling all around the world for work, so I wouldn’t see him very often. However, he has always been my hero, my “prince”, as I like to call him. A few weeks before his death, he returned from a trip to Italy and he gave me a postcard of the Duomo as a gift. He said to me: “When you are older and your grandma is feeling better, I will take you with me to see the Duomo. It is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my life”. I was just 7 years old, but from that day on I had no dream other than visiting Milan, going inside the Duomo and praying, imagining my dad beside me. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, my grandmother’s illness first then followed by my mother’s, I’d never had the opportunity to travel, but my dream was always there, I felt it living inside me, and, when I felt sad, I would take a look at that postcard and think about my father and suddenly I was able to smile. Today I’m 71, and last year I finally had my first trip to Italy. When I set foot inside the Cathedral, I felt two tears running down my cheeks, I couldn’t believe that I was really there. A worried visitor asked me “Do you feel well, Madam?” and I was only able to answer: “Yes, I’ve never felt better”.


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