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The series of virtual tours of Milan Duomo are underway

Ten mini thematic tours to take you on a journey of discovery of the most interesting curiosities inside the Historical Complex

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8 September Sep 2020 1700 08 September 2020

Are you sure to know the historical complex of Milan Duomo at the best? These short virtual tours inspired by some of the Milanese Cathedral’s most interesting themes and characterized by the hashtag #IlDuomosiracconta, want to explored the history, art, architecture and works of art housed in the Cathedral and in the Duomo Museum, in order know better and fall further in love with our astounding cultural legacy, the very roots of our humanity and society.

Here are the subjects chosen for the series: the Meridian Sundial, Tintoretto, the Sacristies, the Bell Towers and Bells, the Art of Stained Glass, the Altar Frontal of St. Charles, war damages, the Galleria di Camposanto, the gilding of the Madonnina, and the dictionary of the Rooftops.

The aim of this project is to take our present and future visitors on an interesting tour through the historical and modern photographs kept in the priceless Archive of the Veneranda Fabbrica, which once again tell of the six centuries of life, not just those of the Monument, but of the entire City and of the people who have built it using their own strengths, hopes and faith, all sentiments which have made it a symbol of Eternity.

And even if you are watching these videos at home, we’re waiting for you in the Duomo, so you can admire with your own eyes the beauty we have shared here with all of you, apart but together.