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Goglio s.p.a. joins "Adopt a Statue" project

Enhancing the heritage of Milan Duomo, making it once again accessible to the public

Goglio Vfd Duomo
15 January Jan 2021 1549 15 January 2021

A restoration project is not aimed solely at keeping a work of art intact, making the original beauty stand out, but the aim is also to enhance it, so that it can once again be used by the public as it was intended. This is a fundamental concept that the Veneranda Fabbrica over the years – or perhaps it is better to say centuries – has made its own.

In particular, “Adopt a Statue” is one of the fundraising projects that was developed to support the activities of Milan Duomo, returning life to some of the marble sculptures and decorations that are no longer on display in the Monument for safety reasons, but which can still tell the story of the Milanese Cathedral and of its constant interaction with the surrounding area.

Goglio S.p.A. is a company that has become a spokesperson for this important mission, choosing to contribute to the restoration of the statue of Saint Longinus (San Longino). The work, temporarily on loan to Goglio for a year with the possibility of extension, thanks to the express consent by the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Art, and Landscape for the metropolitan city of Milan, has been placed at the entrance to the plant in Daverio (Varese) since 18 December 2020: thus, school groups and the public can discover the history and links that bind the company to the Lombard capital. The Goglio group, although established in Rho in 1850, later moved its headquarters to the city of Milan, a deep bond which still remains to this day. It is precisely this link that has led to the choice of supporting the Duomo, which is the main symbol of Milan and that, together with the Madonnina, represents not only the highest expression of spirituality and protection for worshippers, but also a true and proper artistic and architectural jewel.


The work chosen by Goglio S.p.A. for adoption is the statue of “Saint Longinus” (San Longino). His is a story of redemption and revelation: according to Christian tradition, Longinus was a Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus on the cross, so as to ascertain his death. Enlightened by the grace of Christ, the Centurion realised that the crucified man was really the Son of God and for this forcefully exclaimed, “This man truly was the Son of God!”. According to the hagiographic tradition, he then converted and devoted himself to the Christian faith: from that moment onwards, Longinus lived in holiness.

The statue of Longinus comes from the top of the G7 spire, found on the north-east of the Cathedral and where we can now find a copy of the faithful saint made in the 1900s. The choice of this statue was also guided by the fact that its maker was the sculptor Pompeo Marchesi, originally from the Varese area: an important link for the fifty-year presence of Goglio in the area.

“Adopt a Statue” is an occasion for invaluable enhancement in order to give new life to these works of art, a task that the Veneranda Fabbrica has continued for centuries also through its fundraising activities, raising citizens and visitors’ awareness to the needs of Milan Duomo.

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