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Maisto e Associati supports the Veneranda Fabbrica by joining the “Adopt a Statue” project

A new setting for the statue of Saint Matthew the Apostle in the heart of Milan

18 July Jul 2022 1001 18 July 2022

The Adopt a Statue project arose in 2019 with the aim of giving new life, through restoration and enhancement, to a selection of statues and sculptural elements removed from the Duomo due to safety and preservation concerns, and deposited in the Veneranda Fabbrica's Marble Workshop, on the outskirts of Milan.

Several companies have decided, showing a great sense of solidarity, to support this initiative over the last three years by adopting one of these works and holding it via a loan agreement at their sites, granted on the authorisation of the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan City of Milan.

An initiative that has also been welcomed by Maesto e Associati, a well-known law firm based in Piazza Meda, in the heart of Milan, just steps away from the Duomo. Thanks to the adoption of the statue of Saint Matthew the Apostle, the connection to the city remains alive and well, with the work being visible to all those who enter the offices, as if welcoming them.


The statue of Saint Matthew the Apostle was chosen by Maisto e Associati as he is considered the patron saint of bankers, accountants, bookkeepers, and all those related to the management of taxes, amongst others. The statuette was made by the sculptor Gio Battista Brunetto in 1726 and was positioned the following year as a decoration on one of the small spires above the southern chevet, that is the external part of the Cathedral's southern transept.

For further information:
Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano
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