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In 2023 "Organ Sounds in the Duomo" continues

Every Saturday at 4.45pm until 24 June. Live on Duomo Milano Tv

Organo 34
5 January Jan 2023 1541 05 January 2023

After the success of the concert series "Organ Sounds in the Duomo" during Advent and Christmas Time, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo has decided to continue this opportunity to listen to music also during the first months of 2023, with a new series of appointments dedicated to the Cathedral's Great Organ.

Until June 24th, 2023, every Saturday*, from 4.45pm to 5.15 pm, before the vigil Eucharistic celebration, all visitors and the worshippers of the Milan Duomo will have the opportunity to listen to the majestic sound of the Cathedral Organ, in the setting of the "Organ Sounds in the Duomo" event.

The melodies of the Organ, thanks to maestro Alessandro La Ciacera, will blend with the architectural harmonies of the Cathedral, giving life to a real musical accompaniment to the visit, in an atmosphere of profound suggestion.

The programmes of the various appointments of "Organ Sounds in the Duomo" will be published on this page. Please always consult this portal also for any changes due to liturgical celebrations and other cultural events on the calendar.

For the occasion, the concerts will be broadcast in live streaming on the YouTube channel Duomo Milano Tv (also accessible from the official website www.duomomilano.it).

An opportunity to discover the complexity of this magnificent instrument, protagonist of a mighty restoration work carried out by the Veneranda Fabbrica, started in 2019 and still ongoing.

*except Saturday 28 January, 11 March and 8 April

Organ Sounds in the Duomo

Every Saturday* until 24 June 2023
at 4.45 pm

Alessandro La Ciacera

* (except Saturday 28 January, 11 March and 8 April)

The restoration of a tech giant

Time, care, energy, passion: these are four fundamental ingredients that underlie the restoration work on the Milan Duomo. The Great Organ construction site, in particular, embraces them all. In the last year - after the forced arrest of 2020 due to the pandemic - the specialized workers of the Veneranda Fabbrica and the laboratories it relied on for the restoration of some specific parts of this musical giant, did not stop and continued with great commitment specific and targeted interventions.

After a general overhaul of the Organ, the Colzani company took care of the disassembly of the pipes of the northern part, many of which were transported to the laboratory for repairs. At the same time, the restoration of all the bellows was also carried out, using over 500 square feet of leather. The real novelty, however, concerns above all the installation of the new computerized management system of the instrument, absolutely avant-garde, which made it possible to connect a new console to the Organ, inaugurated for Christmas 2021, thus allowing to overcome the problems. of operation linked to the age of the electromechanical components.

The restoration of the mechanical part of the instrument is now substantially completed; Instead, under the eyes of all visitors, work continues on the decorative parts.

The restoration is possible thanks to the fundamental support of Intesa Sanpaolo as main sponsor, the donors of the 5x1000 to the Veneranda Fabbrica and of the fundraising campaign 15,800 notes for the Duomo, the contribution of the Municipality of Milan for the Christmas Market in Piazza del Duomo, Fondazione Bracco and Zucchetti.

Alessandro La Ciacera (1979) graduated in Organ and Organ Composition with highest honours at the Milan Conservatory, under the guide of Luigi Benedetti. Then, La Ciacera refined his expertise with Alessio Corti, Patrick Delabre (interpretation) and Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin (improvisation).
Winner of various national organ competitions (Rome, 2001; Viterbo, 2002; Vanzaghello 2002), in September 2009 won the «Troisième Prix d'Interprétation» at the International Organ Competition «Organ without Borders» of Luxemburg and the first prize at the international organ competition «Città di Ovada».

He has been the second organist of the Milan Cathedral since 2005 and organist of the Milan Cathedral since 2022; in addition to that, he worked as organ teacher at Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di musica Sacra di Milano (2003-2013) and Scuola Diocesana di Musica e Liturgia di Como (2013-2021). In 2005 he was called to collaborate with Karlheinz Stockhausen to the final draft of the composition «Himmelfahrt», the only piece for organ written by the famous German compositor, which he performed at the Milan Cathedral for its world premiére, obtaining unanimous consensus from Italian and foreign critics. Considered one of the best improvisers of his generation, his repertoire equally ranges from (the) Baroque to the twentieth century. He realised recordings for the Italian label «Bottega Discantica» and for the Swiss label «VDE-Gallo».

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