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Feast of Saint Ambrose

Patron Saint of the City and of the Diocese of Milan

Sat, 7 December Dec 2019 0800 - 1830

Eucharistic celebrations 8 am - 9.30 am - 11 am - 5.30 pm

- 5.30 pm Saturday Vigil Eucharist

Ambrose was born in Trier (now in Germany), probably in the year 340 AD to a noble Roman family. After in-depth literary training in Rome, he began his career as a magistrate in Sirmium (now in Serbia). In 374, while exercising the office of governor of the province of Milan, he was unexpectedly designated to assume the episcopal mission. Since he was still a catechumen, he received baptism and a few days later, on 7 December, he was ordained bishop.
In the exercise of his ministry he was generous to all, always proving to be a defender of the humble and weak, and assiduous in prayer and meditation of the Holy Scriptures. Ambrose's pastoral action was exceptionally effective, in particular in the initiation of the catechumens, in his ingenuity while leading the worshippers in singing God's praises, proclaiming the truths of faith, and extolling consecrated virginity. He protected the rights of the Church with tenacious courage against imperial authority. He died on Holy Saturday, 4 April, in the year 397.

The pontifical celebration presided by Archbishop Mario Delpini with the participation of the Metropolitan Chapter will be held atSt. Ambrose Basilica at 10.30 am.

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