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DUOMO MILANO App has been published by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano with the aim to valorise and make more accessible the important historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the Historical Complex of the Duomo during the Expo 2015 semester, and further. The App, available on App Store and Google Play, can be downloaded for free in its lite version with contents in nine languages*.

DUOMO MILANO is an innovative App that gives the tourists of the World Fair a unique and immersive experience through all the locations of the Duomo Complex, lets them access the rich agenda of the events organised by the Veneranda Fabbrica during the Expo semester, and makes available in every moment practical information and maps regarding all the visit locations. All the beautiful and varied world of the Duomo di Milano has been enclosed in the palm of a hand, making the App extremely user friendly.

The App includes in its design some sections based on cutting-edge technologies. One of them is the iBeacon Experience, itineraries in the Duomo locations aided by the technology of beacons, devices sending to the smartphone interactive pop-ups regarding all the points of interest of the place the visitor is exploring, offering, as a result, a flowing experience focused on the most precious treasures of the Duomo.

Another content of great visual and emotional impression is the augmented reality involving the skyline from the Duomo Terraces. The App can go beyond all the visual obstructions between the visitor and the view, and explore the main spots on the Milanese skyline, with a 360° look through the display of a smartphone, to bring back home a vivid memory of the Milan panorama.

DUOMO MILANO makes the great history of the Duomo accessible and involving as never before: a new welcoming culture, on the pattern of the tireless work that the Veneranda Fabbrica is doing to bring the jewel of Milan and its ancient beauty closer and closer to the citizens and visitors from all over the world.