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Tax benefits

Legislation acknowledges the right to tax savings for contributions made in support of the restoration of the Cathedral. Find out about the benefits for donations made from Italy, Europe and the United States.

Donations from Italy

Donations falling within the provisions deductible from IRPEF pursuant to article 15, paragraph 1, letter h of the TUIR (Single Tax Return Text) or deductible from corporate income pursuant to article 100, paragraph 2, letter f of the same TUIR.

To take advantage of the tax benefits cited above, it is necessary that freewill donations are made through traceable payment systems (no cash), for which it is necessary to retain the relevant documentation:

  • the receipt of payment from a postal current account;
  • copy of the bank transfer;
  • credit card/PayPal statement;
  • photocopy of the cheque.

In addition, the Veneranda Fabbrica shall issue a confirmation of receipt of the donation in which will be written the donor’s name, the associated reference number, the date of the donation, and the payment method and amount.

Donations from Europe

Tax benefits for those who donate to the “Get Your Spire” project within the TGE network

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo is part of the TGE (Transnational Giving Europe) network which allows all donors resident in Europe to make their donation benefitting from the tax breaks in their own countries. TGE is a collaboration between the main European foundations and associations that facilitates, within the countries in the network, the fiscal procedures linked to donations for non-profit organisations.

Thanks to this network, donors, whether companies or individual residents in a partner country, can financially support non-profit organisations in other Member States, directly benefitting from the tax benefits provided by their country of residence.

There are a total of 18 nations participating in the TGE network: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To support the Duomo di Milano from abroad and benefit from the tax benefits available in their countries, donors can contact their national TGE partner.

For all contacts and more information, visit: www.transnationalgiving.eu

Donations from the United States

Since 2014, the International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc., a public charity under US law (registered under section 501 (c) (3) of the International Revenue Code), has been operating in the United States of America from their headquarters in New York. The International Patrons aim to:

  • spread knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage represented by the Duomo di Milano across the ocean;
  • raise awareness among the international public, especially Americans, of the need for the safeguarding, conservation and enhancement of the Cathedral of Milan and of all its Historical Complex;
  • promote the collaboration between the Duomo di Milano and American institutions through the development of cultural activities in the United States such as events and exhibitions related to the history of the Cathedral;
  • participate in the financing of conservation and restoration projects.

For more information:
Donations Office
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