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The Schola Puerorum "Franchino Gaffurio"

The Schola Puerorum "Franchino Gaffurio" with its young voices represents an ideal and joyful striving towards the future of the Music Chapel of Milan cathedral, continuing in a tradition of music education and spiritual training over six centuries old.

The Cappella Musicale selects young soprano and alto choristers for its school, which is based in Milan, in Viale Gorizia 5. The School, a separate section of the State Comprehensive Institute “Thouar-Gonzaga”, includes the fourth and fifth classes of primary and the three classes of first-grade secondary school.
Students attend classes from Monday to Friday and have full-time lessons, except on Thursday, when they stay on until the late afternoon. It provides free individual piano and organ lessons, textbooks, uniforms for liturgical performances and concerts for the children and also takes care of accompanying the pupils to school and to the cathedral.
The children are divided into classes comprising between eight and ten students and, in addition to regular school education in accordance with ministerial programmes, they receive complete theoretical and practical vocal and instrumental music training, which is necessary for choral singing. The pueri study solfeggio and singing and learn to play the organ or piano. The teaching of music and singing is accompanied by a serious human and Christian education.
Joining this school means taking a path that requires daily dedication and a great deal of passion. Its young voices become immediately an active part of the Music Chapel participating in liturgical celebrations on Sunday and on religious feasts in the cathedral. The children also take part in concert activities in Italy and abroad, and in cultural activities organised by the Cappella Musicale and the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo: these are precious opportunities to enhance a unique musical heritage, from ancient Ambrosian chant to classical and contemporary polyphony.

Schola Puerorum "Franchino Gaffurio"
Viale Gorizia, 5 - 20144 - Milan, Italy
Tel/fax +39.02.8373064