South Transept Spire-G94

Probably a martyr, like many others, because he perhaps once held a symbol of martyrdom in his left hand. A saint doomed to martyrdom at an early age, if his lineaments and the build of his body are marks of recognition, like a trunk not yet marked by time. He is the last saint along the inner side of the South walkway, before the minor spires surrounding the Main Spire. Like the Saint with the cross on the other side, he appears to be introducing the main character in this gigantic procession: Mary. There are very many martyrs standing on the Spires. Some are very young, a sign of a faith and an ardour that blossomed at an early age; of a bright fire that burnt from when they were born. Young people, it is well-known, are idealists, and they also have a burning desire for justice, knowledge and opportunities. This martyr represents youth taking over from previous generations, with the task of leaving the world in a slightly better state than the one in which he found it.