16 DecemberSpire along the north walkway-G82
Patron Saint: Streets and houses Symbol: Temple, Scroll of Prophecy

Along the Duomo’s left side, the Spire representing St. Aggeaus remembers us how the past is as much contemporary as present times. December 16th, at the height of Advent, is the date that the new Roman Martyrology dedicates to the commemoration of St. Aggaeus, an Old Testament prophet of confidence and hope. The Prophet encouraged his people to resume the works to build again the Temple in the Holy City, destroyed during the Babylonian exile in 589 b. C., after the fall of Jerusalem two years before. Aggeaus exhorted to reconstruct the Temple as the symbol and place of the cultural identity of his people. Faced with their confusion, suspended in the memory of the past glory, the Prophet spoke words of encouragement to the Hebrew people, so that the longing for the past would not had been still shelter and consolation, but, on the contrary, a journey towards an open future. Carved in the marble stone by Virginio Pessina, St. Aggeaus’ statue is the living statement of this message of Faith. A message that, throughout the centuries, has always accompanied the dreams of those who believe in tomorrow. These dreams, especially during Christmas time, become wishes for oneself and the people one loves. Aggeaus’ voice, from the top of the Cathedral, permeates our time and our Christmas: “Have courage, people from all over the Country… do not be afraid”.