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The organ's restoration continues

Thanks to the fundraising campaign “15,800 notes for the Duomo” launched last Spring, the early stages of Duomo Organ’s restoration has begun

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3 October Oct 2019 1618 03 October 2019

Universally known as a never-ending construction site, the Duomo is a continuous gear that never stops, as is the restoration of the Duomo Organ which has been going on now for a few months. In July, the tuning of the musical instrument concluded, thanks to the collaboration of the Principal Organist of the Duomo, Maestro Emanuele Carlo Vianelli.

However, this standard periodical maintenance is not enough. In fact, the Organ undergoes progressive deterioration due to its organic components made of wood, metal and leather. It is also exposed to dust on a daily basis, which deposits on the pipes, thus obstructing them.

The most urgent restoration is aimed at safeguarding the electromechanical parts, ensuring they function correctly. This work will affect the north side until the end of 2020, before continuing on the south side for a two-year period, between 2021 and 2022.

This is only the first step to concluding the restoration of the largest Organ in Italy, a masterpiece of art and mechanics that will return it to its original beauty, thank you to all those who would like to contribute to “15,800 notes for the Duomo” fundraising campaign.

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