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Duomo Music Chapel, de Victoria's "Salve Regina" at the end of the Chapter Eucharistic celebration

A musical rarity for the Lent

In Duomo 16
3 March Mar 2023 1226 03 March 2023

From Sunday, February 5, 2023 and for all Sundays of Lent, at the end of the 11am Chapter Eucharistic Celebration, the Musical Chapel of the Milan Duomo will perform the Marian antiphon "Salve Regina" (proper for the Lent in the Ambrosian Rite) in the version alternating with the Gregorian Chant by Tomás Luis de Victoria from the Liber Primus. Qui Missas, Psalmos, Magnificat, ad Virginem Dei Matrem Salutationes, aliaque Complectitur published in Venice in 1576.
The critical edition was edited by Msgr. Massimo Palombella, Maestro Director of the Musical Chapel of the Milan Duomo.

In addition, every week, in the section of the official website duomomilano.it "Worship with the Music Chapel", you can find the musical program (accompanied by the ancient prints or manuscripts) proposed by the Music Chapel for the Chapter Celebration.
Starting from the first Sunday of Lent, the Milan Duomo will offer all the worshippers and visitors a new service, by means of special QR Codes located in various places in the Cathedral: the possibility of downloading a liturgical aid in English onto your device, including the Sunday Readings and the Rite of the Mass, in PDF format.

The English-language aids, which can also be accessed through the link liturgy.duomomilano.it, are also accompanied by a second file including all the musical parts, in order to facilitate greater accessibility and openness to those from all over the world who wish to experience the Duomo in its cultural and faith dimension.

Inviting everyone to experience this dimension, we remind you that all festive Chapter celebrations are streamed live on the official Duomo di Milano YouTube channel Duomo Milano Tv.


Salve Regina (Tono Solenne Usualis) Open
Salve Regina de Victoria Open