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Liturgical Life

Access for Worshippers Those who enter the Duomo of Milan for prayer, services and the sacraments can access the church through a reserved area, observing the current provisions. More info
Timetable of Services The Duomo, as the Cathedral Church of the Archdiocese of Milan, welcomes all those who wish to enter for prayer and to attend services, according to the timetable in effect. More info
Timetable of Confessions The Duomo is open every day to those who would like to partake in the Sacrament of Penance, according to the timetable in effect. More info
Archbishop The Cathedral, as mother church of the Diocese of Milan, is the seat of the Chair of the Archbishop, from which he presides over liturgical celebrations and where he exercises his ministry as pastor and teacher. The Duomo is therefore the visible symbol of the unity of the entire Ambrosian Church... More info
The Metropolitan Chapter The Metropolitan Chapter is the Presbyterium which has the responsibility of performing the liturgical services of the Cathedral More info
Worship with the Music Chapel Programme of performances in the Cathedral More info