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Timetable of Services

The Duomo, as the Cathedral Church of the Archdiocese of Milan, welcomes all those who wish to enter for prayer and to participate in services, observing the current provisions.

Free entry through the side door of the Duomo (transcept of San Giovanni Bono)
Every day:
6,50-8.30am *

Free entry through the façade (north door)
Every day:
8am-7pm * (last entry 6.10pm)


From Monday to Friday
Eucharist mass:
At 7am – 8am - 8.30am (in the Crypt) – 11am – 5.30pm

Recital of the Rosary: 5 pm

Eucharist mass: 8.30am (in the Crypt) - 9.30am

Vigil mass: 5.30pm (at the High Altar)


Sundays and Festivities
Celebrations of the Eucharist:
7am - 8am (in the Feriale Chapel)
9.30 am – 11.00 am (Capitular Eucharist in Latin) - 12.30 am – 5.30 pm

Morning Lauds: 10.30 am
Vespers: 4.30 pm

(*) The hours of liturgical celebrations could be subject to change