09 JuneCentral south terrace spire-G87
There are many saints named Feliciano, each with a story of his own. Among them, we can certainly mention San Feliciano who suffered martyrdom with his brother San Primo in 303 AD. His statue is placed on the opposite side of the Duomo, on spire G86 looking northwards. In fact, it makes sense that the memory of these two saints, who were united in life by faith and fraternal love, persists even after their death. Indeed, both crown a spire of the Duomo, one looking northwards towards the Alps, and the other on the south side of the Cathedral. In fact, genuine and pure love has no directions, love is universal and embraces everybody in the same manner. It is the same love that San Feliciano and San Primo had for God, such intense devotion that made them martyrs together. The spire of San Feliciano is on the south side of the Central Terrace, looking towards the Royal Palace. The statue, which can be dated around the early half of the 19th century, is a reproduction and portrays the saint as a young man attired with a tunic that reveals the legs and is secured by a brooch on the right shoulder. The eyes are proud like those of his brother. In the left hand he holds a rolled up cartouche that perhaps contains a message of faith and love addressed to everybody on loving our neighbour.

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