15 SeptemberNorth Transept Spire-G50

Literature tells us about two martyrs named Sinetto, one of whom was widely known by the Greeks but his story was uncertain and, according to Roman Martyrology, his relics were taken to the island of Reichenau, in Germany. The other is, instead, known by the name of Synesius or Genesius, whose remains reached Treviso from Jerusalem along with those of St. Eugenius. They too were moved to the island of Reichenau in the year 830 AD. However, the two traditions seem to curiously coincide at this point of the story.At present there are no ascertained data on the statue portraying San Sinetto on the stand of Spire G50. We have no idea whether it is the original version or a posthumous remake, and we do not even know the name of the sculptor who made it. All we know for sure is that the statue of another saint, St. Aicardo, was originally at the top of the spire, instead of San Sinetto. St. Aicardo was later moved inside the Cathedral, to one of the pillars of the aisle.