Spire on the North walkway-G85
Placed on the north walkway, this proud and well-dressed character draws his right hand to the heart, with a solemn gesture. Shoulders aback and gaze looking upwards, he is ready to make an important promise, solid and enduring as stone. His look straight and slightly aiming upwards seems to point the landscape before him, which in the bright sky days, perhaps after rain, reveals the Prealps. Today they are precluded to the view of Milanese people by a forest of skyscrapers, upright as bars, but it is still possible to see them by climbing up to the Terraces of the Duomo, feeling the same impression of the ancient voyagers and writers who, in the heart and on paper, recorded those emotions. The saint, then, carves his promise on the rock of the Prealps: stone by stone, from raw matter to completed work. He entrusts his words to time, measured by the longevity of stone.