07 NovemberSouth side Spire-G22

There is very little information about the historical events in the life of this saint, who is associated with the figure of San Sulpizio (St. Suplitius), both of whom suffered martyrdom in the 1st century AD. San Serviliano is celebrated on 20 April and is invoked to heal enfeebled children. The statue on Spire G22 was made in 1953 by Giovanni Battista Perabò, and is a reproduction of the original one, which was, instead, sculpted in 1811 by Antonio Rusca. The scarce information about the statue states that until the early 1900s, San Serviliano was placed on Spire G20 – which is occupied today by the statue of San Mario (St. Marius) – and was later moved to its current position.