20 AugustNorth Transept Spire-G44

Severus born in Side in Panfilia son of Petronio Prefect born in Filippopoli of Tracia and of Migdonia, both baptized by the Bishop of Xenophon. He moved with his parents in the city of Filippopoli when a group of 38 martyrs was going to be executed. Having met, thanks to a heavenly vision the centurion Memnone and converted him to the Christianity, both Severus and Memnone were charged and subjected to various tortures. The proconsul Apelliano who left Filippopoli took with him the two prisoners at Adrianople and Byza. Severus after tortures was decapitated. Severus is commemorated on August 20th. The Martyrology Siriaco of IV century commemorates Severus with Doroteo. The name Severus is also remembers in the Martyrology Geroniminiano. In addition Severus is the name of a priest who figure in the Passio of St. Philip of Heraclea, martyred at Adrianople and commemorated on October 22nd. There is reason to believe that the Holy martyr of Byza is the same commemorated by Philip of Heraclea, martyr of Adrianople. To August 20th, one of the dates of Sinassari Byzantines was introduced in the Roman Martyrology the commemoration of Severus and Memnone with special praise for the 38 martyrs of Filippopoli but in the Roman Martyrology become 37 martyrs of Thrace. The statue, made in 1824 by the sculptor Girolamo Marchesi, with the features of a young man with beard, curly and short hair. The half-naked body is wrapped in a soft drapery . The right hand is near the chest, the left arm along the body. This position gives to the Saint elegance and solemnity.