Central north terrace Spire-G110

The spire is near the central Terrace of the Duomo, on the north side. It is crowned by a statue portraying a young-looking Saint. The face, turned three-quarters, compared to the body, has an intense expression while studying the mountains that create the city’s backdrop. Attired with a drape that leaves the chest and back bare, his arms are folded on the chest and the feet are bare.The Young Saint is a reproduction made in the 1900s but whose story in the marble workers’ site is still not known, except for the fact that in the early 1900s it is documented at the top of the apse spires, the current G72. Conversely, we have more information about the original, the work of sculptor Antonio Pasquali performed in 1832, and which today is on one of the capitals inside the Cathedral. The young man is portrayed bare bodied, only partly covered by a robe that falls to his feet from the waist downwards. The features are gentle and youthful, and his gaze studies the horizon before him, in a silent dialogue with the city and the people who live there. According to some studies conducted by the Archive of Veneranda Fabbrica, the statue of the Young Saint is supposed to be actually St. Eulampius, a theory yet to be verified.

This spire was adopted by: