05 AugustApse Spire-G40

A pious legend of no historical value relates that Paris left Athens and took refuge in Rome at the time of persecutions. He was consecrated Bishop of Teano by Pope St. Sylvester, after winning the admiration of the city’s residents. Indeed, he miraculously tamed a huge and terrible dragon who continuously damaged the population. Baronio added the name “Paris” to the Roman Martyrology, after communications from the Church of Teano. Paris is considered the first apostle and main patron of the city in Campania, where he is supposed to have died in 346 AD. His body, which is preserved in the Cathedral, has been devotedly venerated. Even as reported by the historian Michele Monaco, the veneration of Paris also spread elsewhere, to Capua, for instance. His feast is celebrated on 5 August. Currently there is little information about the events of the statue at Duomo di Milano’s marble workers’ site. We only know that it is most likely a reproduction because the original was damaged, and is exhibited at Museo del Duomo di Milano today without either legs or forearms. It was probably damaged by World War 2 bombings.