Spire along the north walkway-G84

This saint, like the angel on Spire 115, points with the index finger of his left hand towards heaven, where he is also looking. He is indicating He from whom all things descend, from whom all things are born, live and die, returning to Him. A cyclic and infinite process. Standing on the North walkway, he looks at the square, indicating to the people in it the one for whom the whole building of the Duomo is intended. Between him and God is the Virgin Mary, a bridge between the Infinite and mankind’s finite and imperfect world. Yet the Saint’s gesture also reminds us of who is watching over us from above, that He has not departed, but has only changed His perspective. Now He watches over us with greater attention, He looks at us from another point of view, with the same love as before. The Saint on the Spire is there only to remind us that, even in difficult times, our steps are always followed by He who loves us. And if we cannot see His footsteps, it is only because He now has wings.