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The results of the ADAM digitization project achieved in 2021

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo’s Archive preserves the entire historical memory of the international symbol of Milan: over six centuries of history told through immense recorded heritage, which the Institution nominated for the construction and maintenance of the Cathedral has conserved with care since the very beginning of its mission. 5,000 folders containing an infinite number of reports, correspondence, projects, 2,700 accounting records, over 2,000 drawings, and more than 90,000 phototypes.

In order to deliver this priceless heritage of history, art, and faith, the Veneranda Fabbrica has taken on an ambitious digitalisation project, which aims at enhancing the knowledge and use of its historical memory, not just for those who are engaged in the daily protection of the Monument, but also for the public over time.

The ADAM project (digital-Archiving Duomo Archive Museum), with the collaboration of technical partner Mediapower Srl, aims at linking every item preserved in the Archive with the visible work found in Duomo and on display in the marvellous Museum, thus connecting each particular detail of a work of art to its own interesting story.

The digitalisation of this important historical photographic heritage, which includes nearly 3,000 photographs dating back to the beginnings of the photographic technique, as well as a part of the graphic and documentary heritage, has made it possible and will make it more possible to enhance the richness of the Duomo’s history in various contexts. Communication projects, fine art reproductions, exhibitions and shows, and innovative stories.


In the gallery a selection of the digitalized drawings thanks to the contribution of SFRE.


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